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You really want to talk about the right to marry?

Huffington Post blogger Tamara McClintock Greenberg on gay marriage.

“As same-sex partners, not only do they lack the basic rights of any couple in love to marry, since one person is an immigrant on a student visa, they may have to move to another country that acknowledges gay rights and marriage.”
Like Iran?  Iraq?  Turkey?  The entire middle east?  Every single communist block country on earth?

Okay, Look.  I’m on the fence when it comes to gay marriage.  I can truly see both sides.  But what really bothers me is the simple fact that gays are not the only “group” who are not legally allowed to marry.   So open the floodgates instead of just limiting the right to just two groups of people.

Hey, Tamara, you hate monger- Why is it that you use that discriminatory word COUPLE?  Are you really that hateful and narrow minded that three or more individuals can’t be married?  What you should have said is As same-sex partners, not only do they lack the basic rights of any two or more individuals in love to marry..

But wait, Tamara, there are many many more “couples” and groups in this country that are NOT allowed to marry under any circumstances.

If you’re really not a racist, a bigot, or any other type of hateful person, you would allow the following groups to get married.  After all, as long as they love each other, what’s wrong with these people getting married?

Brother and Sister

Widow and Son

Father and Daughter

First Cousins

66-year old and 16 year old



Three or more people in some kind of love triangle, or rectangle, or whatever.



And I’m sure I could creatively come up with many other scenarios or variations of the above scenarios.

You get the picture.  The argument is really bogus.  There are other arguments that do make sense, but this aint one of them.

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